Real • Organic Ground Ginger

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Ginger has one of the most potent flavours among all root vegetables. The enticing flavour of ginger is great for cleaning your palette, and it can add a boost of flavour to a number of different meals. Ginger meshes well with a number of different soups and meats.

Try adding ginger to a carrot or tomato soup, or use it as seasoning next time you cook with pork! Our Real Canadian Organic Ginger Power is grown without any contaminants, like pesticides or insecticides. You can taste the freshness of this locally grown ginger, even in powdered form.

Ginger has been used as an alternative health medicine for hundreds of years, and we now know more about the great health benefits of ginger today. Dealing with migraine issues? Studies have shown that ginger can help with pain relief for those who have migraines. Ginger is also great for treating nausea, lowering blood pressure, and preventing bodily pain just as well as ibuprofen. New research shows that ginger is helpful for preventing cancer as well as lung, colon, liver, and Alzheimer's diseases.