Real • Organic Oat Bran

Real • Organic Oat Bran
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Who doesn't love a warm bowl of oatmeal in the morning? If eating a big healthy bowl of oats in the morning does not appeal to you, then try using it creatively in other ways. Our oat bran has a wheaty, but not an overpowering taste. If you don't like eating it in a bowl with milk, try making some oat bran pancakes in the morning! You can also mix it with our organic chocolate chips to make some tasty chocolate chip oat bran muffins! Oat bran is also a great addition to either meatloaf or meatballs.

Our Real Organic Oat Bran can be consumed and enjoyed in a variety of different ways. It contains 50% more fibre than oatmeal, maybe it even more productive for lowering cholesterol and helping digestion. Try adding our organic oat bran to your cupboards today, for the whole family to enjoy!  Certified Organic by Pro-Cert.