Real • Organic Black Chia Seed

Real • Organic Black Chia Seed
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Chia seeds sustainably sourced premium quality seeds, offering impeccable nutrition, taste and versatility. Without unwanted additives and naturally free of gluten, our unrefined chia seeds allow you to reap the full benefits of this ancient superfood.. They are loaded with fiber, Omega-3 fatty acids and various micronutrients.

Chia seeds are high in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and protein. All of these nutrients are essential for bone health. Chia Seeds are also high in Quality Protein contain a good balance of essential amino acids, so our bodies should be able to make use of the protein in them .

Fiber also feeds the friendly bacteria in the intestine, which is important because keeping your gut bugs well fed is absolutely crucial for health

Chia seeds are renowned for being one of the best foods for losing weight. These seeds contain some of the highest protein levels among all plants, making them great for burning fat, building muscle, and balancing blood sugars. Chia seeds contain a variety of nutrients, and these nutrients come in high quantities. They also contain more antioxidants than blueberries, and contain more fibre than regular wheat. Chia seeds are the best product for those who want to slim down while consuming an abundance of nutrients!