Boiron Dapis Gel - Relieves Pain, Itching & Hives Of Insect Bites (pick up in store $4.99)

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Dapis Gel alleviates pain, relieves itching and hives, and promotes the healing of insect bites in both adults and children.

Dapis Gel is available in a 40 g tube.



Place of Production:  Canada

Expire Date: 2 years

Size: 40g

Shelf Life: 

Direction:  Adults and children: Apply on affected area, as soon as possible and as often as needed. Gently massage the skin. Do not use for more than one week (7 days) without the advice of health care practitioner.
External use only.





Apis Mellifica


Ledum Palustre Mother Tincture


Why choose Dapis Gel?

This non-greasy, easy-to-apply gel promotes fast absorption with a feeling of freshness.

Going camping? Heading out for a hike? Don’t forget to bring Dapis Gel for all of your outdoor activities!




 Acute urticaria (hives) linked to insect bites or stings (honeybees, wasps, horseflies, deerflies, blackflies, stable flies, mosquitoes, etc.). Many insect stings can remain planted in the skin and should be removed as quickly as possible.


Symptoms and signs of a sting are immediate, followed by a wheal and flare lesion, which often resolves and gives rise to a sterile pustule. In some cases, an edematous, erythematous, and pruritic lesion, rather than a pustule, develops.



If the irritation persists or worsens, discontinue the use of the product and consult a health care practitioner. Avoid contact with the eyes. In such cases, rinse thoroughly with water.
External use only.



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